“Best View Of Mumbai Slums Is From 22nd Floor Of Antilia”, Mukesh Ambani

The full picture of slum life can only be visible from a structure high enough to stare at 40 to 60 families at once. Antilia gives just that.


Mumbai: Tired and bored of being the richest Indian for 5th straight time, Mukesh Ambani has pledged around $12 billion to somebody, trying to secure the second spot next year. He tried doing it this year, but could only manage to loose about a Billion dollars.

Speaking to reporters on the occasion of visiting 22nd floor of Antilia for the first time after moving into his house, he says he was moved by the “big and clearer picture of slums” he gets from 22nd floor, not yet sure of how they look from higher floors. He plans to visit higher floors of his house in the years to come.

“The 22nd floor of Antilia offers one of the best views yet, of the Slums in Mumbai”

“Sometimes, the best views are from early morning, when there’s less smoke from traffic and my choppers are grounded, among other reasons”, he says.

At any given time, six hundred maintenance workers occupy 97% of Antilia, more than forty of whom go ‘missing’ each month inside the house, and reappear, in the 400000 Sq Ft of area. The Ambani family living in the house faces emotional challenges everyday, of choosing between staying close to each other in same floor, or different. In case they all stay in one floor; there are reports of loud music and disco lights from other 26 floors.

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